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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003

My year in 25 words

It’s a rush job, but when MediaTinker says to do something you’d better get on it as quick as you can!

So here is my year in summary—in exactly 25 words:

New business, new friends, old habits, didn’t organize well but made progress anyway, learned lots, forgot lots, resolution meter stands at 50%. How about you?

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1 comment

  • on January 1st, 2004 01:31 AM Kristen said:

    Good summary. grin You left out “learned to fear Kristen” but implied it in your intro. Nicely done. grin

Monday, December 22nd, 2003

Scenes from Saipan

Hi, we’re back. Here are some scenes from Saipan. I won’t spoil them with dialogue just yet. Hold your mouse over them for a few seconds for their captions, and click on them for a huge version.
View from hotel roomWater cooler with cook modeDork In a SnorkelPretty Pretty Tropical FlowersFrog/Statue WannabeCoconut Leaf GrasshopperPretty Jet Ski Scene

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

Short Vacation

Ultragirl and I wing off to Saipan for a few days tonight, so you’ll notice no real change in the frequency of my posts here.

That is all

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Monday, December 15th, 2003

No Sense of Gratitude

I just saw Lou Dobbs on CNN complaining that with the Iraqi people there is no sense of gratitude, rather almost a sense of entitlement towards the Americans who have come in and liberated their country.

I think I have come up with an analogy that may make this a little bit easier to understand. If you have driven a car in a large city in the United States, you may have had the experience of someone washing the windshield of your car, and then requesting money for the service he provided. I have seen people get fairly offended by this. Imagine yourself in that situation, and I’m sure you can understand why. Afterall, you never asked to have their windshield washed, and the guy may not have done a very good job of it anyway. In some cases, you may not even agree that their windshield needed cleaning.

I think you probably see the parallels that I am making with the situation in Iraq, but it really doesn’t explain the (often violent) unhappiness of many Iraqis with the “service” the U.S. has provided them. This is in large part because my analogy needs to be taken slightly further to truly express the situation.

Now imagine the person in question reaching into your car, and washing the inside of your windshield. I think the person who would not be upset and offended by a stranger reaching into their car without invitation or request is a rare breed. Even if your child was getting sticky fingerprints all over the inside of the windshield you would not want some stranger reaching in uninvited, it is an intrusion: uninvited, rude, and scary.

The U.S. didn’t go into Iraq at the request of the poor Iraqi people who were being terrorized by Saddam Hussein. Admittedly Saddam was an evil man, and many of the Iraqi people may be better off without him. If he was the unruly child in my example, he probably would have been smearing chocolate on the windshield. That still doesn’t change the fact that Iraq was a sovereign nation that we invaded of our own accord, for our own interests (or those of the administration currently occupying the white house). This was not done in response to the request of the Iraqi people, and was not done in their interest.

I think expecting them to be grateful for this is ridiculous, naive, and insulting; and I think Lou Dobbs owes the people of Iraq an apology.

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003

Saddam Hussein’s Capture

I would just like to remind everyone that Saddam’s capture was not the objective of the war in Iraq. Yes, Saddam was a bad man, but Bush didn’t tell the American people we are going to go in and oust the evil dictator that we supported. He said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and they create an imminent danger.

So far they have only found, as the Onion calls them, weapons of a little bit of destruction at a time. As the Bush administration goes around crowing about their victory again please remember two things:

1. This was not the goal of the operation, as Bush laid it out to congress and the American people. The goal of the operation has turned out to be a lie and a farce. The American people were not willing to send their sons and daughters to die to capture Saddam.

2. In spite of what Bush kept insinuating for months, there has been no evidence of Iraq’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks. THERE WERE NO IRAQIS AMONG THOSE WHO CARRIED OUT THE 9/11 ATTACKS. Sure made a convenient catalyst for Bush to take American troops where he wanted to though didn’t it. Those 3,000 died so that Bush could push his agenda.

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Sunday, December 14th, 2003

Much Ado about Christmas

Well, a certain Ultra Son of mine has been giving me a lot of grief about my lack of postings. The trouble is, first of all time…..although he keeps trying to tell me that if I have time to play Bookworm for an hour or more a day that I have time for the Blog…...but that’s mindless, relaxing time, unless the stupid bookworm drops too many red tiles at once. Then it’s pretty stressful. And it may well be that after you decipher this mixed up missive that you will have a strong arguement that in my case blogging is also mindless, and you will be right. So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, why I don’t post…......I forget the second reason; probably laziness. But that brings me to my subject: The Changing Tides of Christmas Time. I just now thought of it, but that’s what I’m going to write about. Yes, I’m sure.
My family of 5 kids and 2 parents lived far from other relatives so we had our own family traditions. In my childhood, Christmas Eve was the time for opening of gifts. We had an early dinner, sometimes at Ralley’s, a grocery store that put out a Christmas eve spread of munchies, most notably cheese and crackers and salami. Later, when they stopped doing it, we got some munchies of our own (most notably cheese, crackers and salami) and Voila! A tradition was born! We do that still, and have ever since the UltraKids were small, esp if a relative sends us Hickory Farms for Christmas, and they usually do. My favorite part was our little Christmas Eve service. My parents got the outline from a church one time; it consists of scripture readings about Jesus’ birth, Christmas carols and lighting of candles. There were certain phrases to say also when candles were lit. My Dad always told us what to say, and chose the lucky child to light each candle. When we ran out of phrases, he made some up so we could all light a candle. BUT, the phrases were lengthy, and we would give out the whole spiel at once. Of course, we would always have to be prompted, with much repeating and trying again, but that was part of the fun. And the tradition. We still do that little service in our family to this day, candle lighting and all, and it continues to be my favorite part. Its nice to get back to the basics and worship God for who he is and what he has done.
After that we opened our gifts from each other in a very certain way. We took turns bringing the gifts to my Dad, who read the tag, and the lucky recipient was then permitted to open it. We took our time, and relished each one and got lots of thanks and appreciation. On Christmas morn, Santa had come in the night, bringing an eclectic array of gifts. We all had to wait in the hallway until my parents were ready to come with us, so we could all enter the living room (site of tree and gifts) at the same time, and they could enjoy the look of rapture and wonderment on our cute little faces. Santa”, as my Dad was known around this time of year, liked to do his shopping at the last possible moment, ususally Christmas Eve morning, and he always found some unusual bargains. One year, I remember we all got huge cutout cardboard standup figures of Popeye, Olive Oil, Wimpy, Sweet Pea, etc. It was great.
We got snow once every 20 years or so in central Calif. Once it snowed near Christmas time and we went out and gathered up every shred of snow in the yard and made this really groovy snowman complete with all the standard snowman accoutrements. By the middle of the afternoon, the hat, scarf and snowman face parts were lying in a melted puddle of snowman in the middle of our back yard.
In John’s family, they just got up whenever they felt like it on Christmas morning, found their presents and opened them whenever they liked! What kind of a tradition is that? But he felt pretty strongly about the Christmas morning thing, so I magnanimously agreed to that, but we kept all of my important traditions.
Anyway,UB keeps nagging me on IM about sending him some pictures…....grumble, grumble. He keeps telling me to post, then won’t leave me alone so I can! Just kidding, Honey.
I have just decided that this post will be a serial. I’m kind of tired of writing just now. That’s the good part about being a popular author. You can be whimsical, quixotic and idiosyncric and everyone just has to take it! So you can look forward to the next installment whenever I feel like writing it! So….......TO BE CONTINUED…...............
As Ever,

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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my two little brothers Johnny, whom you may know since he used to be the other half of the dynamic duo, just turned 23 today. Jim turned 20 a few days before. I will turn 28 early next month, so you should probably get your shopping done soon.

UltraSister won’t be getting older until March so you have some time there. Actually she excludes me when she sends out care packages and she never e-mails me either so you don’t need to get her anything.

UltraMom an UltraDad have birthdays in June and July and on the 10th and 11th, but I absolutely never can remember which one has a birthday on which day in which month. Let me try a guess: UltraMom: June 10th, UltraDad July 11th. You have a while before you really need to get anxious about their presents.

Anyway, we appreciate your support. Without your love the UltraFamily wouldn’t have your love.

Happy birthday once again to Johnny and Jimmy.

By UltraBob at 07:59 AM Link to this post here!

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